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It has been now more than 30 days since submitting the complaint regarding the horrible customer service that I received at this location.I have not received a phone call, email or anything apologizing for the bad service. I certainly do not wish this treatment on anyone else.

Original review posted by user Feb 03, 2013

I had been a regular patron of the Bojangles located on Buford Highway in Buford since it opened a few years ago. The staff had always been so very courteous and attentive. The food has always been fresh and hot. A couple of weeks ago I go in an order sausage and biscuits. I take a *** and the bread is warm but the sausage is cold. I open it up and the meat has a greenish look to it. I return to the counter and almost immediately I am given a fresh product. That day I left a satisfied customer. I have a biscuit habit.

Just recently I go in an order sausage and biscuits. Meat is cold bread is warm.

This time I go to the counter and I am greeted with a not so personable young woman and immediately she snaps, “What’s the problem?”

I try to humble myself and explained the problem. She responds, “It will be eight minutes before the sausage is ready!”

I let her know this is OK. So I stand at the counter about twelve minutes watching orders come and go. I finally get mine.

A few days go by so I come in early Sunday morning. I had just come in the day before for lunch. Again I am greeted by this not so charming young lady who I found out later was the manager. I asked her was she in a good mood? She snaps back, “What do you mean am I in a good mood?” I went on to explain the previous incident and told her that I was not looking for a repeat episode of that day. Without apology she snaps, “What are you having?” without answering the question or apology. There happened to be a young woman standing next to her when all this was going on who I suspect was a trainee because most of the people that had normally waited on me I had not seen in a couple of weeks.

I told her that I would like the other young lady to wait on me. Again in a stern response she says, “I am going to wait on you!”

I said not today and left the store.

On Tuesday I contacted the corporate offices customer services line and was greeted by a young woman. Now to add insult to injury I was asked several invasive questions. I was asked for first name, last name, address, phone, email and age. How often I went to the store and how much money I spent at each visit. After have given all this information, which has been more than ten days ago, I have not been contacted by anyone and never an apology for the rude behavior. It is not my objective to slam this restaurant or the company. I wanted to share my experience with you in hopes that this will never happen to you or anyone you know. We all love fast food but when it is tainted by bad service and a poor product we look for other places to go even if you have to drive a little further. We need to be able to trust the establishments in making sure they deliver.

I guess Chick-fil-A will be getting my biscuit money from now on. Man I miss Po Folks!

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Sounds like you got snarky with her on the second visit, why did your mommy not correct your behavior? When they asked personal questions you should have told them you needed your parents permission first.

to Anonymous Buford, Georgia, United States #876084

Well I have not been back to that location since, but ironically I just we to on in Snellville just a few days ago. Being snarky doesn't mean rude either check your Webster's it's the dic

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